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  • Expert Access Database Help and Support��
  • Advanced Access Queries, Forms, Reports, Tables, etc.
  • Access Database Programming and Consulting
  • Access/Excel Integration and Automation
  • Excel Help and Support for Your Business
  • Excel Workbook and Worksheet Design
  • SQL Server Databases and Reporting Services
  • Macro Help�- Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
  • One-on-One Help, Training, Trouble Shooting, Debugging
  • An Affordable and Effective �Alternative to a Permanent Employee

    Over 15 Years of Experience in Access, Excel and VBA

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    Get Expert Excel Consultants Help and Support Today!� Call or e-mail us now.� Expert Access Programming and� Access Consulting Support for your Business - Get Access Help Today.� If you need Microsoft Excel Help, Microsoft Access Help, or (VBA) Macro Help, on a Freelance Excel Consulting or Freelance Access Consulting basis, you have come to the best place on the web to get it.� We have been Providing Access Help, Access Help, and Macro Help for over ten years.� That goes way back to Microsoft Office '97.� Since then there has been MS Excel 2000, MS Excel 2002, MS Excel 2003, and now MS Excel 2007.� And Yes, we do Excel 2007.� In fact, when it comes to Excel 2007, we love it!.� As you may have guessed, we also work in MS Access 2007, MS Access 2003, MS Access 2002, MS Access 2000, and finally, MS Access '97.� I actually began my career as a Consultant using Lotus 1 2 3.� That shows how far back my consulting and programming career goes.� Anyhow, if you need someone to do great Advanced Excel Consulting, amazing Advanced Access Consulting, and phenomenal Advanced Macro Consulting, that is exactly what we do.� Allow us to help you today in Excel, Access, or Macros.� Anytime you need an Excel Consultant, an Access Consultant, or a Macro Consultant, please give us a call.� And if you know anyone that needs Excel Consulting, Access Consulting, or Macros Consulting work done, refer us to them and we will give you a referral fee.� Excel Help, Access Help, Macro Help; That is what we do.� Please, call or e-mail today.����

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    What kind of things do we deal with, and what should you know about us.� Well take a look!� These included: Excel - Access - VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) - SQL Server - Macros - Pivot Tables - UserForms - VLookups - HLookups - Index - Match - Offset - SumIf - If Iserror - CountIf - AverageIf - DateDiff - Concatenate - Count - CountA - Dynamic Named Ranges - Conditional Formatting - Custom Views - ODBC - ADO - DAO - External Data - If Statements - Lops - Goto - Active X - Goal Seek - What If Analysis - Links - Combo Box - List Box - Validation Control - DLookup - Grouping - Queries - Action Queries - Delete Queries - Append Queries - Make Table Queries - Update Queries - Select Queries - Pass Thru Queries - Union Queries - Forms - Sub Forms - Reports - AutoExec - AutoKeys - Stored Procedres - Views - Table - Automation - Integration - Accounting - Finance - Small Business - Management - Manufacturing - Healthcare - Construction - Contact Management - Sales - Help - Trouble Shooting - - Communications - Personal Skills - Affordable Consultant - Microsoft Access - Microsoft Excel - Microsoft SQL Server- Microsoft Visual Studios - Microsoft Reporting Services - MS Access - MS Excel - Microsoft Office - MS Office - Office 2003 - Office 2007 - Help - Wizard - Goto Person - Independent - Freelance - Free-lance - 714 262 6893 - -� We have been working with all of these for years.� We have got this down!� Its all about EXCEL EXCEL EXCEL, and ACCESS ACCESS ACCESS.� And don't forget VBA VBA VBA!� Call us today for free quote.� To take it up a notch, look into using ADO, DAO, and ODBC connections to get to your data faster, and easier.���

    Expert Access Programmer can save you money, doing what�you need to have done, in a fraction of the time it might take you to figure it out.� How many hours have you spent already?� Call me today, and I will help you with your Access Help needs.�

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